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Additional Info

When Found?May 2021
Do you think it was STOLEN ??Unsure

Found & at Alice Springs Animal shelter, no one has come forward for this boy. wondering if he could have been stolen, hence no one coming forward. (unless the owner is away or doesn’t use fb.) thought I would share here just in case.[0]=AZUi6VIsE6XYV6q6CoESMs8ELLx_3B9PkB9j7l7CFkBhX04jS8vWABkBVr7cMmBuLf58Y9-cUKbuu8vNgYJ1m7pTCtMWGRb5UH2YuIKyhfCREkRwlcUgk0IYw8ei-58wXduR8AERc-EIdAZaG2jRCEFi3OScgqL3yqGBmgTdEv4urA&__tn__=-UK-R

Listing ID: 5176098ee0160c77

May 10, 2021 6:25 pm

139 days, 11 hours